Wintering in Thailand for $ 500 per month

Have you ever thought to spend cold winter days in hot Asia? Why not! You'll be surprised, how easy and cheap it is.

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If you come here once, you'll never forget it. Kamchatka

Just imagine volcanos, geisers, thermae and taiga full of bears.

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How to get lost in jungle!

A funny instruction to get some extra impression from your trip.

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Travel to feel yourself free

Hello, backpacker!

I'm sure you are in love with traveling. Me too!

One of my favorite part of travel is to meet new people. I found out that most backpackers have many common things.

Who are we?

  • Mostly youth
  • Crazy adventure finders
  • Advanced Internet Users
  • Hitchhikers
  • Freedom-loving people
  • Accustomed to control and self-organization
  • Retirees, who decided to travel worlwide

Backpacking is a way of life. It makes your brain free of cliches, it changes your life, it changes you.

And what does backpacking means to you?


Have any questions?

Feel free to write me. If you have any questions about traveling or you would like to discuss a business offer.