How to get lost in jungle? Lifehuck

If you wish to be Bear Grylls, but in reality you are a cautious pragmatist, who dreams to sometimes get his peace of adrenaline, catch the instruction.

Attention! Don’t forget to wear the right clothes, because jungle will not spare your nice legs in those pretty shorts and step-ins.


  1. Look at the map and find Borneo Island, the Malaysian part of it. Do not forget about Air Asia for your flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota-Kinabalu, it’s a cheap airline that can save you money.

  1. Travel from the capital (Kota-Kinabalu) by bus to the city of Sandakan.

In the city of Sandakan, do not forget to say hi to huge cockroaches that crawl everywhere: in the city and in a hotel if you’ll get really «lucky».

  1. Drive to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center (Address: Batu 14, Jalan Labuk Sandakan Sabah). Rehabilitation center is near the city, you can take a tuk-tuk or bus.

  1. Buy entrance tickets, look at the orangutans from the site, feel yourself safe yet and enjoy the moment.

  1. At the exit of this fascinating excursion find the «Bird trail» sign on the right hand. If not found ask the workers, they will help. Sign up in the worker’s greasy notebook. I assure you, you will be the only ones there for this day.

  1. Have fun and go on through the jungle on the path. Catch on yourself some «beautiful» leeches falling from trees. Listen to the rustling in the bushes. Go like this for about an hour.

  1. Come to the end of the route, on the right hand you will see an old and falling apart stairs. And also a sign – «Danger. No entry». Go down to the broken stairs. Soon you will see a river. If lucky enough to meet a crocodile, say hello from me! 😉


  1. Ohhh, crap. It’s already late, in an hour you’ll see the sunset and scary darkness. Go back.

And this is the part where you start to get your adrenaline. There are paths that you have not previously noticed. And now there are many, many roads. On your way back rustles increase, animals become more active.

You hear the siren with the thought that you are the one that staff is looking for to get you help. And this is just such a bird. And the echo that gives the feeling of this sound from all around.

I see your knees shake. Come on, bro, be brave!

  1. Well, if you feel yourself like Bear Grylls you sure will get out of the before the sunset.

Don’t be upset that the park staff went home and everything is closed. Climb over the fence and walk on adrenaline on foot 5-10 miles. Oh, don’t forget to get proud of yourself. Good job!

  1. Here is a guide how to get a small part of adrenaline in your life! Of course, you can do this at any country. Do not forget to take plain water with you; it is very hot and humid in the jungle.

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